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Sociological resarch. Social network analysis. Case studies. Consulting.
The Social Foresight Group is an independent research group that includes social scientists and researchers with extensive experience in sociological research and international projects such as the World Values Survey, European Values Study, and Values in Crisis. A deep interest unites the group members in the multifaceted study of the social processes taking place in modern Russia and around it.
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What we do:

Social foresight is the process of anticipating, understanding and shaping the future based on social trends, behaviors, and patterns. Our research team will provide quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to gain a deep insight into societal changes and offer expert consulting services to guide decision-making.

We aim to:

1. To provide evidence-based insights into emerging societal trends and patterns.

2. To aid organizations in understanding the future social landscape and its potential impact.

3. To guide stakeholders in making informed decisions for a sustainable and inclusive future.

Why you need us:

In an ever-changing world, staying ahead requires not just an understanding of the current landscape but a clear vision of what lies ahead. By combining quantitative and qualitative research methodologies with our consulting expertise, we offer a holistic approach to social foresight. Let us guide you toward a future that is not only profitable but also in tune with the evolving fabric of society.

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  • Anna Kuleshova
    Candidate of sociological sciences

    Anna Kuleshova is a sociologist based in Luxembourg. She is a project coordinator of Social Foresight Group. She was a scientific editor of Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes Journal and co-authored the books “Open Question: Public Opinion Polls in the Modern History of Russia”, and “Parenthood 2.0”. Anna organized international scientific conferences. She has participated in international research projects with scientists from Hanguk University in Seoul. Her main research interests are comparative sociological studies, parenthood, and scientific ethics. She has profound professional experience in the third sector, grassroots initiatives, and educational and cultural institutions. She is a founder and Chairwoman of the Russian Council on the Ethics of Scientific Publications, and a founder of the association Social Researchers Across Borders, and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Commission on Countering Scientific Research's Falsification. Author of the lectures on the ethics of scientific publications.

  • Maria Volkova

    Maria Volkova is a sociologist. Her research interests cover studies of migration management, using technologies in governance, and more general issues in the sociology of knowledge. She worked as a lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. She was a fellow of the Oxford-Russia fellowship with a project on religious policy in Russia. She has a profound experience in qualitative methods. Now she is doing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Exeter on using AI in migration management in the UK.

  • Alexei Voronkov
    MA in Sociology, University of Manchester
    Interested in Data analysis, Sociology of education. Provided development of the research design of private museums. Conceptualization, operationalization, and development of research tools. Supervised the research team, writing and presentation of the research report. Participation in the study of best practices of scientific activity management and barriers to their implementation
  • Ksenia Pavlenko
    Mixed methods researcher with 17 years of experience in social sciences research. Until 2022, she worked at the Institute of Education Education at the Higher School of Economics. She was engaged in the study of social aspects of modern childhood and parenthood, issues of expanding the educational space, new educational practices. Until 2015, she was engaged in institutional research of higher education, in this area she defended her PhD thesis.
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